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Cruise Research Society (CRS) and the Journal of Tourism in Marine Environments (TIME) Special Issue on Cruise Tourism

The Journal of Tourism in Marine Environments is issuing a special issue on cruise tourism in cooperation with the cruise research society.  Ross Klein & Alexis Papathanassis are going to be the special issue editors.  Papers may focus on any topic related to cruise tourism, including, but not limited to: onboard life, cruise marketing, port-development and port relations, sustainability & safety issues, labour issues, cruise tourism economics, cruise-related training & education and any other area related to broader cruise tourism and the cruise industry.  The call for papers can be downloaded here (PDF


5th International Cruise Conference (ICC5) 

The 5th ICC successfully took place in Bremerhaven (Germany) during the 24-26th of January 2014.  A variety of topics / themes was covered, resulting to a number of challenging issues and questions.  Over the next months, papers are going to be submitted and peer-reviewed in order to publich the corresponding proceedings.  For more information click here.


Textbook on Nautical Tourism is Published

Nautical Tourism (Lukovic - Ed): TNautical tourism is an exceptionally profitable industry which continues to grow rapidly in scope and economic status. This is the first book to cover world nautical tourism in detail. It includes sailing, yachting, cruising, diving, harbour-side developments, coastal water sports, port tours and marine heritage destinations. It considers economic growth, sustainable development, international policy, consumer demand and the world market. It examines the provision and expansion of nautical tourism in European economies at different stages of development. It provides a comparative analysis of nautical tourism in the Pacific. It includes case studies that further explore current concepts in the field. It is suitable for researchers and students of tourism and practitioners within marine tourism.

CABI (Link)

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29 May 2013

Bremerhaven's Cruise Industry Management Degree Programme celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary

The cruise management degree programme at the university of Bremerhaven has completed 10 years of successfull operation.  In light of this milestone, this year's graduation is accompanied by a Re-union event for the alumni.


1 February 2013

ICC3 Proceedings are Published

Cruise Tourism and Society (Papathanassis, Lukovic & Vogel - Eds): The growth and increased popularity of cruises is accompanied by a number of sustainability issues concerning the environment, the port economies and societies; on board and at shore. The sustainability imperative ultimately leads to operational, economical as well as image-related challenges for the sector's decision-makers and stakeholders. This collection of peer-reviewed papers, presented during the 3rd International Cruise Conference (Dubrovnik, Croatia), seeks to address those issues and contribute to their management in the mid-term.

Table of Contents (Link)

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31 January 2013

Guide on Cruise Careers Published

"Wilkommen an Bord! Ihr Kurs zur Kreuzfahrt-Karriere" (Fahr, Papathanassis, Milde) is a practical guide intended for those seeking to follow a career in the cruise sector.  The book was developed together with the recruiting agency ConnectJobs. The guide is intended for the German-speaking audeinces and an international will be made available at a later stage.

Connect Jobs Book (Link)

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20 December 2012

5th International Cruise Conference -  SAVE THE DATE!!! 

The 5th International Cruise Conference is going to take place in Bremerhaven (Germany) between the 24th and 26th of January 2014. The theme track (along the 'traditional' ICC tracks) is:  "Cruise Sector and Corporate Social Responsibility".  For more info click on this link and / or join our ICC5 Facebook Group.  The Call for Papers can be downloaded here (Link). 

05 Juanuary 2012

CRS Facebook Group Available

In order to facilitate the informal communication between the CRS members, I decided to create a Facebook Group 'Cruise Research Society'.  CRS Members can join by clicking on (Link). All you need to do is ask to join the group (requires a facebook account) and then can post comments, links, photos, etc. For the time being, the Group's status is set as 'Closed', in order to protect the privacy of the members.This means that only group members (joining needs to be confimred from the Group's admin) can view postings, links, etc.Looking forward to your postings.

14 November 2011

ICC4 Call for Papers is Available

The 4th International Cruise Conference, taking place at Stenden University (Leeuwarden, Netherlands) is taking form.  It is to take place between the 21st and 23rd of May 2012.  The call for papers can be downloaded here (Link)

11 November 2011

e-Cruising Conference Proceedings are Published

Increasingly, cruise operators are utilising Information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve service-effectiveness and process efficiency, both on- and off-board. Therefore, it is worth initiating a discussion on the potential and challenges ICTs entail for both cruise operators’ back-offices and for cruisers’ consumption experiences.  In this light, this book documents the proceedings of the 1st e-Cruising Conference (Bremerhaven, Germany), which was aimed at discussing the possibilities and applicability of ICTs and mobile services in various aspects of cruise operations such as:  excursion management, infotainment, complaint management, crew scheduling, and revenue management. Following a rigorous double-blind review, the best papers were chosen to be incorporated in this volume. We hope that this piece of work will inspire both academics and practitioners to become ‘fellow passengers’ in this specialised, albeit fast developing research domain

Table of Contents (Link)

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14 June 2011

ICC4 Kick Off

The kick off meeting for the 4th International Cruise Conference, taking place at Stenden University (Leeuwarden, Netherlands) was successfully completed.  Following the setup of an organisation committee and the clarification of CRS endorsement, the dates were set.  The ICC4 is to take place between the 21st and 23rd of May 2012.  More updates will follow.


06 June 2011

ICC2 Proceedings are Published

Cruise Sector Challenges: Making Progress in an Uncertain World (Gibson, Papathanassis & Milde - Eds): The challenge for cruise operators is to come to terms with a changing world where the realities of the past are not constant. This textbook presents a compendium of important issues that were discussed at the 2nd International Cruise Conference in Plymouth (UK) between the 18th and 20th February 2010. The focus of the conference was to consider emerging issues, problems and solutions for the cruise industry at a time when trading conditions were perceived to be highly volatile.  This textbook presents a compendium of important issues that were discussed at the 2nd International Cruise Conference in Plymouth (UK) between the 18th and 20th February 2010. The focus of the conference was to consider emerging issues, problems and solutions for the cruise industry at a time when trading conditions were perceived to be highly volatile.

Table of Contents (Link)

Amazon (Link)


19 May 2011

ICC3 Conference Successfully Completed

The ICC3 in Dubrovnik was successfully completed producing valuable results and interesting discussions covering the areas of:  Destination management and sustainability, cruise education and cruise theory & research.  The presentations are available to download in the CRS members area (login required).  Follwing the submission of the final papers and their review, the best ones are going to be published in the conference's proceedings:  "Cruise Tourism and Society:  A Socio-Economic Perspective" (Eds:  Papathanassis, Lukovic & Vogel).


17 May 2011

Professor Ross Klein joins the CRS Executive Board

Professor Ross, A. Klein known for his work on the cruise sector's externalities and social challenges ( and author of the "Cruise Ship Squeeze: The New Pirates of the Seven Seas", has joined the CRS and was elected as an executive team member. 


02 May 2011

ICC3 Conference Programme Online

The ICC3 conference programme is now available for dowload as PDF or MS-Word



02 May 2011

CRS Co-Founder and Member Prof. Ross Dowling is honoured in the order of Australia Awards

Congratulations to Foundation Professor of Tourism from the Faculty of Business and Law, Professor Ross Dowling, who was recognised on the 2011 Australia Day Honours List, receiving a Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to the hospitality and tourism industry, education and the development of ecotourism. The awards, which were announced on Wednesday, 26 January as part of the Australia Day celebrations, are the highest honour an Australian can receive for outstanding achievement and service to their country (link)


18 Mar 2011

ICC3 Countdown - CRS Award for the best paper

Following the submission of papers for this year's 3rd International Cruise Conference, the society is intending to introduce a best paper award for 2011.  More details on the process and criteria will be posted soon.


17 Mar 2011

CRS Homepage Content Update

The CRS member list has been updated, including our new CRS honorary members.  We now count 30 CRS Assembly Members and 4 Honorary Members.  The membership application review process is ensuring that the society's sustainable growth.  We are having an ever increasing number of applications.


01 Mar 2011

CRS Announcing the Award of Honorary Memberships

Due to their continuous support and altruistic contributions to the society's objectives and activities over the last years, the CRS Board has decided to award: 

  • Dr. Wolfgang Flägel (Hapag Lloyd),
  • Tom Fecke (Royal Caribbean),
  • Celia Walters (Carnival) and
  • Antonius Heuer (Fidelio Cruises)

with honorary memberships.  


16 Dec 2010

CRS Annual Newsletter

The CRS Annual Newletter and the CRS Meeting Minutes are available in the workspaces (members' intranet area - requires login)


24 Nov 2010

CRS Homepage Content Update

A section on newly available cruise-related textbooks has been added to the CRS website under:  Education & Training.


23 Nov 2010

Upcoming Textbook:  "The Business & Management of Ocean Cruises"

Michael Vogel, Alexis Papathanassis and Ben Wolber are editing and will be publishing anew textbook on the business & management of ocean cruises.  The edited textbook will be produced by CABI publishing and will be available next year.