Aims & Purpose

The mission and goal of the Cruise Research Society (established back in 2009) is to:

Encourage and promote independent scientific research and knowledge in the field of maritime tourism and cruise management, while faciliating its transformation to an academic discipline.

The initiator Prof.Dr.Dr. Alexis Papathanassis from the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences in Germany has spend almost two decades creating a worldwide network of researchers specialising in this sub-domain of tourism.

The network serves as a collaborative platform for scientific publications, research projects, development of education and training concepts, as well as scientific events (such as the ‚International Cruise Conference‘ Series). Exchanging ideas, conducting joint research on the cruise tourism industry and uniting the relevant sub-disciplines and perspectives remains a challenge, given the pre-paradigmatic nature of the domain and the growing significance (and controvercy) within tourism.

This network does not serve business or financial interests, requires no fees of any sort and does not seek to promote any products or services. It is purely an agenda-free network of researchers and knowledge-seekers aiming to explore and codify the cruise system (not just the business of cruising) and related phenomena (on land and at sea).